In representing our clients in workout situations, we work hard to provide the important blend of experience in both litigation and in the substantive areas of bankruptcy, and commercial and real estate law, which is often critical to success.  A client in a workout situation needs practical advice about litigation alternatives and prospects, both inside and outside of a bankruptcy proceeding.  At the same time, ready knowledge about secured creditors' remedies, and other substantive areas of commercial and real estate law is of major importance, so that the client will have a firm basis to make the tough realistic decisions so often needed. 

Workouts are difficult.  They involve multiple parties with conflicting interests facing hard choices.  In those situations, experience is the key.  A client needs an experienced lawyer—on the firing line—not supervising from a distance—ready to offer a creative approach and to push the client's interest in the tough negotiations that are common in a workout.  That ultimately can make the difference between success and failure. 

In bankruptcy and insolvency matters, our practice includes, among other things, proceedings and issues involving: (i) cash collateral; (ii) debtor-in-possession financing; (iii) adversary proceedings involving relief from the automatic stay; (iv) nondischargeability actions; (v) disclosure statement and plan confirmation matters; (vi) preference claims; (vii) fraudulent transfer proceedings; (viii) improvement liens; (ix) dealings between creditors’ committees and secured creditors; (x) appointments of trustees; (xi) Rule 2004 examinations; (xii) Rule 341(a) hearings; (xiii) Section 363 sales of collateral; (xiv) priority disputes among perfected, seemingly perfected, and unperfected secured creditors; and (xv) proceedings by trustees to recover property of the bankruptcy estate.



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